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Welcome to CGrown.com!

Container Grown is the trend-setting wholesale nursery approach designed and created by Florida plant expert Greg Davenport.

Recently re-established in Naples, FL, this dynamically growing nursery has become the go-to plant material portal for high-end Landscape Designers, Architects, Building Contractors and those who know the difference plant quality makes in their projects.

Join us and see what your nursery should be!

Watch this space!

Bald_Cypress Black_Olive_Shady_Lady Cardboard_Palm Cattley_Guava Christmas_Palm Clusia Cocoplum Coontie_Palm Dahoon_Holly E_P_Holly Ficus_Benjamina Foxtail_Palm Green_Arboricola Green_Buttonwood Green_Buttonwood_Tree Jamaican_Caper Jatropha Ligustrum Live_Oak Myrsine /Orange_Bird_of_Paradise Orange_Geiger Podocarpus Pygmy_Date_Palm Sea_Grape Silver_Buttonwood Simpsons_Stopper Trinette_Arboricola Viburnum_Odors White_Bird_of_Paradise