Cardboard Palm accent plant (cycad) at CGrown Nursery in Naples, Florida.

Cardboard Palm

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Zamia furfuracea is a cycad native to Eastern Mexico. also called Cardboard Palm, Cardboard Sago, and Mexican Cycad.

The slow growing Zamia is not a palm, despite superficial growth similarities - the alternate name Cardboard Cycad is more exact.

Coontie Palm accent plants at CGrown Nursery in Naples, Florida.

Coontie Palm

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Actually a cycad, Zamia integrifolia is a small, tough, woody Florida native. Mature, it forms a multi-branched cluster, with a large, tuberous root system.

Zamia Integrifolia is also known as Florida Arrowroot and Wild Sago, as well as Coontie (or koonti) Palm, named by the native Florida Seminoles.


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