Christmas Palm plants at CGrown Nursery in Naples, Florida.

Christmas Palm

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  • Palm Trees, Nursery Grown

Adonidia merrillii, is more commonly called the Christmas Palm for its bright scarlet fruits that tend to develop in winter. The thin trunked Christmas palm has beautiful thick leaves, and hence care should be taken in placement due to potential wind damage.

Though typically fairly small and slender, Christmas palms normally grow 15-25 feet in height but can go even taller under perfect conditions.

Foxtail Palms at CGrown Nursery in Naples, Florida.

Foxtail Palm

  • Palm Trees, Nursery Grown

Wodyetia bifurcata is popular in landscaping for being quick growing and similar to a royal palm, but "different-looking" because of its bushy, foxtail fronds.

Very attractive with long plumose leaves that give it the name Foxtail, it produces large orange fruit and has a smooth, thin, self-cleaning trunk.

Pygmy_Date plants at CGrown Nursery in Naples, Florida.

Pygmy Date

  • Palm Trees, Nursery Grown

Phoenix roebelenii is a species of miniature date palm. The Pygmy Date Palm is a slow-growing slender tree 6-10 feet tall, liking partial shade to full sun.

This miniature Date Palm is a popular ornamental plant requiring little pruning, is resistant to pests, and is moderately drought tolerant.


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